Streetstyle Toronto Fashion Week

Street Style: Day 3 at LG Fashion Week

Name: Babar
Occupation: Photographer
Favourite Piece: Coat
Quote: "If you see something you love, buy it right away, you might not get another chance"

Streetstyle Toronto Fashion Week

Name: Hannah
Occupation: Actor
Favourite Piece: Coat
Quote: "Stripes and flannel? The best of both worlds, it's French and Canadian"

Streetstyle Toronto Fashion Week

Name: Adrian Wu
Occupation: Designer
Favourite Piece: Christian Louboutin studded heals
Quote: "I like to wear clothing androgynously"

Streetstyle Toronto Fashion Week

Name: Marayna
Occupation: Photographer
Favourite Piece: Gloves by Paris Claudia
Quote: "My hands were cold when I was shooting in Paris, so I bought these gloves"

Streetstyle Toronto Fashion Week

Name: Josh
Occupation: Industrial Designer
Favourite Piece: Argyle V neck Sweater
Quote: "It's just my style, colours and all"

Streetstyle Toronto Fashion Week

Name: Mimi
Jewellery industry
Favourite Piece: Shoes
Quote: "The shoes I had on broke, so I headed into a store to get new ones and these are them. They were on sale and have lasted so long, I lucked out"

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