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Topshop in Toronto

Topshop has opened in Toronto, and like a dad reacting to an adjusted thermostat, girls freaked out. Go ahead, search Toronto and Topshop to see the endless retweeting of news that Jackie O' Brien (Jonathan + Olivia vendeuse) had acquired the global favourite.

O' Brien had the everywoman in mind when she decided to house the Topshop brand in her Ossington-situated boutique:

"I thought about the clothes I always wanted to wear when I was a teenage girl. Have you seen the denim cut off shorts with the hearts? I remember wanting something just like it when I was a girl and it was at that moment that I knew I had to have them for the store."

This discussion inspired thoughts of painting white out shapes on clothes, puff paint and bedazzled anything - it's the kind of nostalgia that sells fast fashion to adults, but remains fun enough to attract the tween market as well.

Topshop Toronto

Fast Fashion

When you're talking fast fashion, trend pieces are the focus, so Topshop offers some essentials that you may have been hard-pressed to find in Toronto.

A pair of faded floral dungarees ($115) reminded me of Eldin Bernecky and although it isn't a solid, the muted pattern offers a subtle pop of colour that does not distract. If anything, it provokes a spectator to inspect more closely, to see what is giving your Murphy Brown-era paint job that little extra something.

Topshop Toronto

Continuing with colour, a popular item that was attracting a lot of attention was a graphic, multi-coloured racer-back tank (viscose, $80). A small apron at the hem provides a flutter effect - coupled with the lightweight viscose, the airy quality of the garment indicated it was an essential summer staple.

Dig harem pants, but haven't been able to justify the high fashion price tag? Topshop has you covered with a pair for the cool price of $115 - paired with a seasonally on-trend crop top, the look is integral for your 80s/90s renaissance.

Topshop Toronto

If you are into a tapered, skinny pair of denim, you can find a variety of washes for $89. The looks range from a faded grey to dark blue, so pick your poison (at such an affordable price, why stop at one?).

I was really into a pocketed khaki-tone vest, belted at the back to create some structure, but flowy and casual at the front for contrast ($115). It was the piece to have and hands were grabbing at it like candy, so make it a priority this Saturday, when Top Shop launches to the public at 9am.

Other pieces that will give you more fashion bang for your buck:

  • mesh top with lace applique and bronze stud embellishment on the shoulder ($115)
  • 100% cotton jacket/blazer with contrasting cream lining in the sleeve to offer a surprise detail when you're rolling. Even more sweet is the peep leopard & red bow lining on the inside back ($120)
  • A basic, short-sleeve nylon slip is an essential basic for only $52 - this will sell out tomorrow, without question.
  • Camel clogs with nail head accent ($155)
TopShop Toronto

Size Matters

One key acknowledgment that Jackie O' Brien wanted to touch on when buying her Topshop stock was a counterpoint to the idea that there is a one-size-fits-best rule for fashion. Toronto's Topshop will carry full size breaks (UK 6-16/ US/CAN 2-12) to ensure that every woman is covered (or will be (quite literally) by Saturday).

The press has been incredible and since Jackie's expecting a rush, do not be discouraged if you do not find your must-have pieces in store come Monday. The Toronto location will be following the same shipping schedule as the Oxford Circus space in London (UK), which means - beginning this month - new stock will be rotated in weekly. After the rush and buzz, stock rotation will taper down to a bi-weekly schedule, but that is still pretty darn fast.

Official launch:

Saturday, June 19 (Today) at 9:00 am, Jonathan + Olivia (49 Ossington Ave)

Regular Hours, post-launch:

Monday to Friday 12-7
Saturday 11-6
Sunday 1-5

TopShop TorontoTopShop Toronto
photos by Angela Y Martin

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