Toronto streetstyle

Street Style: punk rock, ninja and heroin on a yacht

Name: Adam
Occupation: Sociology student, cancer charity worker
My Style: My look for the summer is, "I do heroin on my yacht." That was the look I was going for. I get inspiration for my style from old things - old movies, old musicians.
Favourite Item: My sweater, which I got in Paris during the Christmas/New Year's holidays.

Name: John
Occupation: Junior hairstylist/fashion stylist
My Style: Elegant gothic ninja
Favourite Item: My Andrew Harmon fisherman pants. I picked these up a couple of years ago at OAK NYC. I wear them to work a lot, and they're comfy.

Toronto streetstyle

Name: Joshua & Rosina
Occupation (Joshua): Visual manager
Occupation (Rosina): Project manager
My Style (Joshua): I try to get things that are a little different. I don't like blending in with the crowd.
My Style: It's a combination of gothic/renaissance. I enjoy wearing period clothing.
Favourite Item (Joshua): My Demonia boots that I got in Montreal. I like the added height.
Favourite Item (Rosina): The Jacket. It was a gift from my son Joshua.

Name: William & Rodrigo
Occupation (William): I'm just traveling at the moment. Returning (to England) to do architecture in university
Occupation (Rodrigo): Former music/filmmaking student, aspiring yoga teacher
My Style (William): It's a mixture of my favourite band The Horrors and classic English style.
My Style (Rodrigo): In general, I like to wear dark tones and skinny clothes.
Favourite Item (William): My Hudson shoes that I got in England.
Favourite Item: My skinny jeans. They're pretty hard to find in my country (Chile). I'm loving Toronto and the chance to wear extra small-sized stuff I can't find anywhere else.

Toronto streetstyle

Name: Keiran
Occupation: Student
My Style: Right now, I'm just dressed up because I have to go to an interview, but my style is usually pretty casual. The blazer is my dad's. The sleeves don't really fit, so I rolled them up.
Favourite Item: I like my bag. It's my mom's old architecture bag.

Name: Tina
Occupation: Buyer
My Style: I'm actually headed to my engagement party tonight, so this is my halfway done outfit. I'm going to put on some party shoes later. I'd say my style is easy, relaxed, summery, and feminine.
Favourite Item: I love this jacket. As we go into summer it's probably going to get pushed to the back of the closet, but it's so versatile. I wear it with jeans, and I wear it to the office.

Toronto streetstyle

Name: Janus
Occupation: Freelance theatre tech, short film/play director
My Style: I'm big on the western thing. These are new leather shoes - I'm sick of sneakers. The glasses are very much Natural Born Killers. I like a style that's kind of offbeat. I like the clash of the different looks.
Favourite Item: I love the glasses. My ex-girlfriends, they wouldn't want me to leave the house with these. It's a lot more fun when you have to argue with someone about the things you want to wear.

Name: Amanda
Occupation: Hairdresser/retail worker
My Style: I'd describe my look as laidback punk rock. Pretty much my whole closet is filled with black dresses and black skirts, and a lot of oversized baggy shirts.
Favourite Item: My sandals, which are from Spring.

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