One of Us Swimwear

Swimwear and corsets on day 2 of FAT

We have all lusted after someone or some thing, right? Something within our periphery beckons us and we crave it until it becomes our very own. It was this primal, sexual instinct that would thread the shows on day 2 of alternative fashion week . FAT asked the designers, what gets you hot? And they answered...

One of Us

Lust came in the form of swim wear accompanied by Thunderheist's "Jerk It." Saucy.

One of Us Swimwear

Highlights included a naval-inspired bikini top with bandana print bottom -I felt it was a little 'Avril', but definitely young and fun.

One of Us Swimwear

One of my favourite looks was a horizontal stripe, navy-inspired adaptable bikini - a practical clip buckle on a vertical band brings a one piece to two in no time at all.

One of Us Swimwear

The finer details set One of Us apart from conventional swim wear - a heart pin on the hip of a black & white polka dot bikini bottom, although treading on La Senza territory, was cute and flirty. Accents on bottoms are like a pair of sexy black lace underwear - if you have 'em, you want someone to see them.

One of Us Swimwear

A cheeky cherry print didn't pop, complete with a flat brown backdrop, I say skip it and go for some of the more interesting shapes One of Us offers.

Starkers Corsetry by Dianna Dinoble

Corsetry isn't dead. Showcasing several new takes on the goth girl staple, Dinoble shows how the every girl can suck it in.

Starkers CorsetryStarkers

Keeping it conservative, a bridal option with feather bust and a embroidered grey corset showed that corsetry isn't all bang - there is a refinement to the structure that can speak for itself.


Drama came in black tar-slick PVC that made your fingers want to do the talking. The closing look was outfitted with slim belt detailing at the bust and waist, setting it apart from your average look at Fun Haus, circa 1997.


Ainsley Kerr, lover of all things frilly, frock-y and feminine walked the runway in a white corset, harlequin collar and contrast black lacing. It was a contrast that showcased Dinoble's ability to make a woman feel, or at least, look comfortable. A valiant effort for a market oft-ignored by the ultra feminine.


Photos by Angela Y Martin

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