Mikey and Drew Thomas Collection

Nipples and man-dresses abound as the Thomases break out the high fashion

My friend Andrea leaned over and asked me during the Thomas show, "What do you write down when you review these things?" I said that I generally describe the clothes, and my initial impressions, as well as sometimes a check-mark or an x to indicate whether I loved or loathed a certain piece.

Mikey and Drew Thomas Collection

Mikey and Drew Thomas' collection at Clint Roenisch Gallery this week had nary an x, and was all check-marks, baby. I just adore the private label put out by the boyfriends Thomas (in cahoots with the lovely Yorkville boutique, UPC).

Eschewing seasons, the boys simply labeled this collection their second, and showed an intimate high-fashion crowd that they're making solid progress beyond the shredded shirts that they started out with.

Mikey and Drew Thomas Collection

The shredding was still very much woven throughout the collection (no pun intended), but there were plenty of other space-age pieces made from thick cotton to ground the collection and steer it away somewhat from such an ethereal, whisper-thin plane. (Read: nipples, nipples everywhere.)

Mikey and Drew Thomas Collection

The shapes present also sparked my attention: turtleneck dresses with exposed shoulders, hoodies with tails trailing down the side, long-backed shirts, drop-crotch pants, and even a man-dress (what else am I supposed to call them?).

Mikey and Drew Thomas Collection

The interplay between the sturdier fabrics and the shredded or woven pieces was a really nice touch, and made the pieces more accessible to a wider audience, I'd think. Those who can't see rocking one of the wispy tunics, for example, could very well wear the wool coat with the panel missing in front, the giant hooded jacket, or the simple portrait-style frock.

Growth: it's a wonderful thing to see. Thomas times two, I do love you.

Mikey and Drew Thomas CollectionMikey and Drew Thomas CollectionMikey and Drew Thomas Collection

Photos by Jonathan Loek.

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