northbound leather fetish night

Northbound Leather Fetish Night Celebrates 20 Years

Northbound Leather, in addition to being a world-leading retailer of leather fetishwear and host to safe sexual play workshops, has also been hosting some pretty kinky club nights here in Toronto. Their monthly "fetish nights" have been going strong and growing for 20 years now.

To celebrate the milestone anniversary, Northbound Leather threw a heck of a party at Revival last night. Live self-bondage and whip demonstrations, a lively and diverse dance floor, and a public "play room" in the basement (where people could get their kinky play on), all made for an interesting night out for the relatively uninitiated (i.e. me and my girlfriend).

The corsets, catsuits, gas masks, assless chaps, harnesses, and chains and straps were out in full effect.

"Forbidden fruit is best," says the owner of Northbound Leather, George Giaouris (pictured on the right in the above photo). I chatted with him briefly about how things have changed over the years. "At our first fetish nights we had maybe 60 people come out, and tonight we've sold over 600 advance tickets," he explains.

The idea of throwing club nights started when several devout customers (who'd acquired thousands of dollars worth of leather fashions) expressed desire to share their looks - outside of the privacy of their boudoirs. The size of the crowds that show up to these monthly parties is testament to the fact that the niche fashion and fetish culture has made huge gains in achieving relatively broad acceptance.

Things kicked off on stage with a suspension self-bondage demonstration by expert Lotus Lily and a relatively gentle yet sensual whip demonstration by kinky community member Lady Viktoria.
The crowd, which was clearly a wide cross-section of all ages and sexual orientations, were decked out leather and latex fetish fashion, including questionable uniforms and at times freaky face masks.

The atmosphere on the main floor was incredibly friendly, comfortable and -- aside from the occasional benevolent bare body part or freaky pair of eyes -- not much unlike any other club. On the other hand, the basement dungeon projected a far more wild and kinky vibe. I don't think I've seen a redder ass before. Rightly so, no genital exposure or photography was allowed, but timidness wasn't to be found either. Let's just leave it at that. You'll have to go to one of these parties to see it for yourself - if bondage and spanking and squeezing and hanging are your thing.

Great to see too, was that George's adult kids Johnny and Anastasia were working the door. Because nothing says supportive like a family team helping make a fetish night a success - for 20 years and counting.

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