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Street Style: Yorkville, Bloor and Beyond

Well, Sunday started off a little shaky with a hint of possible precipitation lurking in the air. But right around mid afternoon the day turned into what I would describe as completely off the charts. I decided to take it to the streets to see who I could run into. I stopped for a second to determine the destination of my stroll, and then before I even knew it I found myself taking in the sounds of some steel drums in Yorkville. The following are a few of the people that I bumped into along the way.

Name: Cherie
Expertise: Producer
Favorite place to shop: Ossington

I caught up to Cherie while she was in the midst of rolling down the street on that smooth ride. She had just wrapped up an afternoon hanging with some friends, and also informed me that earlier in the day, unexpectedly, on the corner of Bay and Bloor her skirt flew up over her head. Did anyone happen to catch a glimpse?

Name: Eve
Expertise: P.E Teacher
Favorite Shop: Change Room

I spotted Eve just outside the ROM. She was walking down the street with a sense of conviction about her. But after a short convo it turns out that she was just about to meet up with her bro for a late afternoon walk.

Bruce and Jeff.jpg

Name: Bruce aka Galbraith
Expertise: Marketing
Favorite Shop: Black Market

Bruce was out in the sun showing a friend from New Zealand around. He really digs hand made affordable fashion. Notice his Bow Tie for a second.

Name: Jeff
Expertise: Designer
Favorite place to shop: Kensington Market

Jeff is pals with Bruce, and as it happens designed that Bow Tie that Bruce is sporting.

Jesse and Jam.jpg

Name: Jesse
Expertise: Unemployed
Favorite shop: Honest Eds

Here is a classic. I ran into Jesse and thought to myself immediately that this guy must really know how to hold it down. He was just out for a good old saunter with his mom.

Name: Jam
Expertise: Retail/ Graphic Designer
Favorite shop: Aritzia

Jam was hanging out on the rocks just taking in the afternoon with a friend. She was feeling the effects of her activities the night before.

Shera and Tasha.jpg

Name: Shera aka The Sheevs
Expertise: The Rehab Clinic for Motor Vehicle Accident Patients
Favorite places to shop: Ossington and Kensington Market

The Sheevs seemed to be having a great afternoon with her friend Roger. She thinks shopping in Canada sucks but likes to check the local vintage shops.

Name: Tasha
Expertise: Manager
Favorite Shop: Mendocino

Tasha was out for an afternoon of heavy drinking; she had just left Hemingway's and was on her way to Remys to meet up with some friends.

Ayan and Dina.jpg

Name: Ayan
Expertise: Student
Favorite shop: na

As I continued my stroll west along Bloor, I caught up with Ayan. She had just got off work and was on her way home.

Name: Dina
Expertise: Visual Merchandiser
Favorite shop: Carte Blanche

I came across Dina later in the day on Queen St. She was just about to grab a bite with a few pals. She also explained to me that while driving in her car, earlier in the day, a bird flew directly into her windshield and possibly did not live to tell the tale.

Krystian and Shuko.jpg

Name: Krystian
Expertise: English Teacher
Favorite Shop: Model Citizen

Name: Shuko
Expertise: Pastry Chef
Favorite shop: Urban Outfitters

Finally, while still on Bloor I met up with these two. Krystian and Shuko were both spending the afternoon walking and studying together.

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