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Original F/X Owner Opens for One Last Sale

After I posted the F/X deadpool story last week, I was surprised to see so many different reader comments about how the store had changed (for the worse) over the past few years.

I too noticed a decline in the store's quality and was eager to find out what was really going on. So when I returned to the store this week, I was pleasantly surprised to find Donna, the original owner and creator of F/X, digging through piles of stock.

I soon learned just what had happened to F/X over the past years. I also got to hear about Donna's amazing experience in the fashion industry and her unique vision for the original F/X boutique, reopening this weekend for one last blowout sale.

F/X Toronto

Donna was quite nostalgic as she showed me around the store, having not been in charge of the business in some time. As suspected by many customers, the business was sold several years ago when Donna left to find more time for her family of five.

The new owners not only changed much of the store's philosophy about fashion, but packed away some of the best stock in the basement. "It's everything I like or think would look good... I can't believe what they chose to put away in the basement, but now it's all back out and it's so good to see it again. There's some really great stuff!"

And Donna knows what she's talking about. There's a reason the store, under her management for over a decade, carried some of the most fresh and unique fashions in Toronto. Donna is in fact good friends with many top designers and suppliers, having worked closely with Betsey Johnson and Anna Sui. She is also a designer herself, crafting the flower dress above among other creations.

Most impressive is the passion that she has when talking about her extensive experience in the industry. It was awesome to hear her reminisce about past events, like bringing Patricia Field to Toronto or the Duran Duran fashion show, as well as her own notoriety in the New York scene.

F/X Toronto

Hoping to revive the 'original F/X' spirit, Donna is bringing out thousands of dollars in unique fashion items and F/X stock for a two-day sale starting this Saturday at 10am. Touring the store, I got a look at some of what is being offered... not only great deals but really awesome finds (just in time for xmas).

In addition to lavish wedding dresses and gowns, there are costumes, wigs, makeup, toys, jewelry and accessories of all kinds. Oh, and shoes - Swear, Jean Lottie, and many more big names. At 70-90% off, Donna hopes to find homes for all of these amazing fashions this weekend in one last 'original F/X' hurrah before it's gone for good.

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