What's Your Story? Bows and the feel of lentils

What's Your Story? features the different characters that roam the streets of Toronto. Every Monday and Thursday, a new person shares their story, likes and dislikes about the city, a little secret and more.


Name: Adriana

Age: 32

What neighbourhood are you from? Roncesvalles

What do you 'do'? Fashion designer and shop owner

How long have you been in Toronto? 10 years

What's your story?

I finished a degree in Accounting at a Business Academy in Slovakia which, unfortunately, did not inspire me at all so I turned to creating. I did fashion on the side, moved to Toronto and started my own line, Plastik Wrap, with my partner Ryan Webber. First we did wholesale and from there it evolved into a small boutique as a front to our design studio. Since I loved doing new projects all the time, I started a small graphic design apparel line with my best friend, Gabrielle, which led to the opening of the Trap Door Boutique where we carry Canadian fashion and accessory designers.

I also do a small jewelry line under my name which we also carry. I like to use lots of big chandelier crystals and make it into art.

Favorite thing(s) about Toronto:

It's easy to walk everywhere. I love the layout of the city and the little streets with shops. You can go to the different neighbourhoods and discover shops and cafes.

Least favorite thing(s) about Toronto:

The long winter - a six month winter is really not for me.

You have 24 hours to spend with someone who's never been to Toronto before - what do you do?

I would take them for a coffee at Mercury in Leslieville, then have breakfast at Bonjour Brioche. In the afternoon, a walk and shopping in Kensington Market to check it out. I'd also bring them to Trap Door and show them the new neighbourhood we just moved into. For dinner, I'd take them to Mitzi's Sister and in the evening, we'd go bar hopping on College.

One thing that your friends/family don't know about you:

I secretly love yellow which is a new development that I sometimes, don't want to admit. Bows have also been fascinating me recently.


Name: Gabrielle

Age: 37

What neighbourhood are you from? Bloor West Village

What do you 'do'? An artist and shop owner

How long have you been in Toronto? 15 years

What's your story?

I went to Concordia University in Montreal for Design but graduated from OCAD in Material Art and Design with a major in jewelry design. I met Adriana eight years ago when she started her Plastik Wrap line and we decided to start our own graphic printed apparel line called Bitchcraft. It started to become pretty successful so we decided to open a store to support local/Canadian artists like ourselves - that's how Trap Door was born.

Favorite thing(s) about Toronto:

The variety of restaurants. I love to eat out. There are so many cultures you can try. Ethiopian, Thai, Cajun...you can try anything you want.

Least favorite thing(s) about Toronto:

The amount of cars, traffic and congestion especially since I live on Bloor. I also hate how it can take so long to get across town.

You have 24 hours to spend with someone who's never been to Toronto before - what do you do?

Depending on the season, I would take them to Centre Island to prove that we have nature here in the city. In the evening, maybe take them to Reposado on Ossington - it's a tequila bar which has a really nice patio and it's interesting. I'd probably take them to Southern Accent for their Cajun caesars. (I said caesars because you have to have more than one - they're so good!)

One thing that your friends/family don't know about you:

I like the feel of numerous things for example, I like to plunge my hands into bins of rice, lentils, Smarties, etc. I have to steer clear of bulk food stores.

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