Carty Laiy

My Paved Runway - Carty Laiy

Being a huge music fan myself, it was hard not to stop Carty in her tracks when I saw her vintage-inspired headphones. Though taking them and running was the first thing that popped into my mind, my sane-self took hold long enough to get the low-down on her budget-conscious style.

Carty Laiy

Who: Carty Laiy, 19, Student

Spotted: Queen and Yonge

How would you describe your style?
It depends on my mood. I hate putting a label because then you become this stereotype.

What are you wearing right now?
I'm wearing Keds and these shorts I got from Sport Check five years ago. The belt is from Gap and an H&M tank-top. The bag is from Value Village, I've had if for a long time.

What about your headphones?
They're from Urban Outfitters and they have really good sound on them.

What are you listening too?
Owen Pallett

What kind of stores do you shop at?
I shop at Value Village a lot.

Any particular one?

Carty Laiy

It's at Victoria Park, uptown in North York. I also go to Black Market but I find myself sneaking into Aritzia once in awhile and American Apparel, all that mainstream stuff. You mix and match, see what works and what goes with my mood.

Do like to follow trends and incorporate them into your own style?
It's funny, I don't know if I'm psychic or something but I find that I predict them before they come out and I try to make them but I never make them in time with my Value Village rubble before it becomes this big hot thing that every girl is wearing on the street. I do like trends but I find that you do have to make it your own, somehow.

Is there one item in your wardrobe that you spend the most money on?
Good jeans and a good winter coat. Good winter shoes too!

What was your style like when you were fifteen?
To be honest I tried to imitate Avril Lavigne. I wore the tie, I did the baggy pants and the skater shoes. I didn't really skate all that well. My hair was curtain straight which didn't flatter my face at all. It was a good thing I went through that phase because she was about rebelling against what people tell you to do but in the end, by following her trend, I was completely conforming. By realizing that I guess I blossomed a bit more!

You mentioned your hair, is there a place you get your hair cut?
First Choice Haircutters right across from Centerpoint Mall. I wander in and they always do a good job. I stick to simple things, I don't go for fancy/funky haircuts so you can't really go wrong. And it's cheap!

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