My Paved Runway - Siobhan and Amy

With a shared fashion ethos centering on a sustainable lifestyle, it's no wonder that Siobhan Ozege and Amy Borkwood looked like twins from afar. Concerned with over-consumption, they're still aware that eco-friendly style has become somewhat of a trend.


Who: (left) Amy Borkwood (24, Bookbinder), Siobhan Ozege (20, Bartender/Student)

Spotted: Queen St. West and Palmerston

Where did you purchase the clothing you're wearing?

Siobhan: From an organic/fairtrade store and I've got Birkenstocks on.

Amy: I got my dress and belt from Value Village and I'm wearing Birkenstocks as well.

What about your glasses?

Siobhan: Mine are Ray-Bans, I got them at some optical store on King St. West.

Amy: I got mine 6 years ago in Kitchener.

Do you try to be conscious about buying organic clothing?

Siobhan: We each took these clothing pacts where for a year I would either buy things that were vintage/used or organic, and Amy would buy things that were used.

What was the reason for the pact?

Amy: I don't like buying new clothing.

Siobhan: I'm just kind of sick of going to stores and finding all the same stuff and having them outsourced in China or not being made ethically or fairly. It's actually going pretty well so far.

Amy: Ya, mine is going really well. I think for only buying used clothing, there's already a lot of clothing in the world and there's no need to buy new clothing at this point. There's loads of old clothing.

Siobhan: It's kind of fun when you have to look for what you wear. You put more effort into what you're purchasing and it makes you realize that oh, I don't need those ten tank tops for a dollar. Maybe you just want more quality clothing that costs you a bit more. Obviously if it's vintage, it will last longer.

Do you ever try to incorporate your buying strategy with new fashion trends?

Siobhan: I'm really more into plain, simple clothing but I think right now the whole environmental/vintage thing is really huge which is good but kind of crappy that it's so trendy. But it's for the best.

What are your favourite local stores to shop at?

Siobhan: There's a place at College and Ossington called Print Fine Vintage, it's really tiny and their stuff is absolutely beautiful.

Amy: I live at Lansdowne and Bloor so I have Value Village, 69 Vintage and other thrift stores around there. Before when I wasn't thrift shopping for vintage clothing there was Heart on Your Sleeve.

Siobhan: I also like the Value Village on Queen St. East. I always find really good stuff there and I've found a lot of organic cotton used which is kind of weird. They also have a really good selection of gold lamĂŠ shoes.

What was your style like ten years ago?

Siobhan: I think the only difference between now and then is that I still kind of dress like a tomboy, but now I wear skirts more often then pants.

Amy: I actually have this thing, I was trying to bring back my style from when I was eight or ten. I was pretty okay at the time. I only wore tunics and stirrup pants. I think I might just bring that back.

Siobhan: I think I had a lot of athletic wear. I might have had tearaway pants! Which would be funny to try to bring back, they were just be so convenient. You're running, it's hot out, I don't need pants anymore.

Amy: I think we should do it! But tighter...

Siobhan: ...In the style of skinny jeans...

Amy and Siobhan: ...but they're tearaway!

Is there an item of clothing you're more willing to spend money on?

Amy: No.

Siobhan: The only thing I actually invest money in is shoes. I would rather buy a quality pair of shoes then crappy ones, hence the Birkenstocks.

Amy: Actually my proof of me not spending any money is that I spent $2 on a pair of shoes and they fell apart. My boyfriend felt bad for me and bought me these [shoes] last week! He spent $130 on shoes which I would never do. Probably my entire wardrobe put together that I've spent in the last five years was about $150 all together and he spent it all in one place which is terrible, I feel really bad.


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