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Fashion Bites - March 27, 2008

Welcome to Fashion Bites, a weekly round-up of fashion news in Toronto.

Rags and Mags is a fictional account of a jet-setting fashion journalist Lucinda McRuvy and designer Max Velosse working in the all too real world of the Toronto fashion scene. They've even managed to show up elsewhere online. The faux My Style and 24 hours with introductions are brilliant.

Bloggers were press-worthy during fashion week thanks to Eye Weekly and Media in Canada.

Pierre Hardy brings his design talents to the Gap for a limited edition shoe collection.

Speaking of shoes, designers David Dixon and Philip Sparks have designed exclusive collections that are now on sale at Town Shoes.

Danielle and Adrian are in print again with their review of fashion week in Now Magazine.

The Toronto Street Fashion crew had extensive coverage of fashion week from the shows to the parties and, of course, street fashion.

Canadian Beauty and Makeup Junkie were backstage at fashion week getting all the beauty secrets.

Susan Langdon of the TFI was on Steve and Chris, watch the clip.

Some of Toronto's fashion scenesters, including yours truly, have gone national with the Buy Design for Windfall ad in Fashion Magazine. It's a whole page. Look for other ads in Now, The Globe and Mail, BlogTO and SheDoesTheCity.com. Holy exposure batman.

TNT is setting up shop in Montreal.

Catherine O'Hara fall at fashion week drew the attention of the some of the bigger celebrity blogs, perez hilton and oh no they didn't.

Distill Gallery is moving... don't worry, it's not far from the original location.

New urban lifestyle blog has arrived in the scene called LongOverdew.com

Zinc Magazine launched during fashion week. It has lots and lots of editorials and very little ad space. I was stupid and left my copy at the launch party.

Fresh Collective is looking for local designers of fashion, jewellery, accessories or kid stuff to fill an opening in the spring . The website has more information and you can contact Laura-Jean at knittingqueen at rogers dot com.

Fashion Verbatim does his one post fashion week review. Last season's
review made it on frillr.com, a popular fashion blog for the nerds who need video and high quality backstage photos. He also has started his top ten fall 2008 fashion show countdown starting with the top three.

Jeanne Beker is a Bratz Doll. A fashion reporter doll at that. It does come with something useful; a children's book written by Jeanne called Passion for Fashion: Careers in Style. I wonder where she talks about the drugs, backstabbing and eating disorders.

The Fusion V Fashion show takes place March 28 at Solarium. It has some big sponsors this go around. I've been told that they've changed their disorganized ways and I'm willing to give them another shot. This is straight from the horse's mouth. I expect the show to start very close to the listed start time.

Image courtesy of Danielle Meder.

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