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Fashion Bites - March 10 - 16, 2008

Welcome to Fashion Bites, a weekly round-up of fashion news in Toronto.

Hard Twist is the Gladstone's juried textile art show. It runs from Thursday, November 7, 2008 to Sunday, January 4, 2009. The open call for submissions ends May 31, 2008. Opening weekend will feature pieceWork, an exhibition and sale of textile and fibre based work. The deadline for entry for the show and exhibition is June 1, 2008.

The Toronto Life story about Robin Kay is out. I found it kinda boring to be honest, but maybe that's because the story doesn't cover anything new. We don't find all that much out about Anonymous. The hardest hits against Robin were the cracks about her appearance -- which just seemed unnecessary and really turned me off.

Fashion Verbatim breaks down the trends for Fall 2008.

Over the Rainbow has a blog. For the most part, they talk about new arrivals, but I've noticed they're talking shop now too. They have a feature called the Power of Merchandising where they talk briefly about their process and provide visual evidence.

Danielle drew the TFI New Labels poster.

The Grumpy Owl
and Final Fashion weigh in on the fashion blogging is boring now conversation. Oh woe is me, Julie.

Enter Now Mag's style contest.

Canadian Beauty talked at TRENDS, following in Danielle's footsteps. Who else in the circle will be invited?

Carolyn at TFI blog asks about using a stylist.

Carolyn talks to Patricia Sheng about attending the MAGIC trade show.

Carolyn is always full of useful information and has a Q&A with Jewelery Designer Danielle Sweeney.

Find out about planning a green wedding at Chick Lit.

Joy, from Makeup Junkie, got her hair did at Vidal Sassoon - on the house. I was approached about this too on my own blog. I think you know the problem with this picture; I have no hair to cut and style. Another great pitch.

Both Andrew Sardone and Toronto Street Fashion covered the model call for Alternative Fashion Week. I was thinking of trying out but it was at the same time I was popping my double black diamond cherry in Whistler.

TSF also has some tips on what to wear to fashion week. I can't wait to break out my Jeremy Laing and Rick Owens.

Stussy is coming to Toronto.

UrbaneBloc has a Q&A with Foxy Originals.

LaFemme is our globetrotting fashion blogger. I'm not sure if any of the TFBB crew has met her in real life yet. Hopefully, she'll hit up a brunch soon. She took some time to talk about her recent trip to India. It's not about fashion, but it is worth read. Her pictures are fun too.

image: Robin Kay of the FDCC from

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