Moonrox and PASH Jewellery

Shopping with Anita at the One of a Kind Show

The One of a Kind show is currently on at the Direct Energy Centre at the Ex. The show is so massive that it usually takes two trips to purchase anything. The first trip is purely for reconnaissance. If you try to do buying and scoping out at the same time you will burn out from shopping overload. I have a few of my personal favourites to help you out before you shop.

PASH Jewellery Design
Pash does a lot of custom work, but the half petal necklace from Pace stopped me in my tracks.

Monique Chan's jewelry is known for its bright colours and chunky baubles.

Cul de sac ceramics and Viola Blanca textile accessories

Cul de sac
Normally this list would include fashion and jewelry but somehow ceramics has made it the cut. I love the animal prints used by designer Laura Mckibbon. Custom orders are also available.

Viola Blanca
Viola Blanca creates textile accessories. I'm a scarf nut and I love her version of the necktie for women. She creates cuffs, ties and earrings using fabrics like silk, chiffon, wool and cotton. Silk ascots and neckties are available for men.

Passenger Pigeon, Knotty Girls and Susan Harris Design

Passenger Pigeon
Heather Schibli and Wendy Traas are the designers for this Toronto based eco-friendly clothing line. Their designs incorporate bamboo, lyocell, organic wool and cotton are used to create fashion friendly designs with the signature prints.

Knotty Girls
Danielle Ker uses ribbon as the principal materials in Knotty Girls jewelry.

Susan Harris Design
I love the incorporation of animal prints in design. Susan Harris is another designer who caters to my fetish.

Lisa Ridout Jewellery and Buttercup Days

Lisa Ridout Jewellery
Lisa is a graduate of the Jewellery Design program at George Brown College and specializes in chain making. She painstakingly creates each chain by hand.

Buttercup Days

Paper Snake and Wired & Wonderful

Clare Raman takes vintage pieces and reworks them into cute and whimsical jewelry.

Paper Snake
Allison Wells easily tugs on my heartstrings with her bird jewellery. Her other themes include animals and scissors.

Wired and Wonderful
I've never seen anything like the wire bracelets from Wired and Wonderful by Karen Taylor.

Most of my choices are local designers with the exception of Viola Blanca and Cul de sac. Good luck.


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