Toronto Fashion Bloggers Brunch VIII

After the huge turnout at the last TFBB, number 8 was a quiet affair. I managed to drag myself out of bed after a night of Pride festivities at Ciao Edie's and head to the brunch at Brassaii. Many of my fashion blogger companions didn't make it.

10 ladies joined us on Sunday including:

Carolyn Rohaly - Toronto Fashion Incubator blog
Nana Aba Duncan - Quiller and Blake
Jessica deMello - Red Flag Deals and Women's Post
Readers Kasia and Marija
Giselle Rojo Del Ponte - Rojo Del Ponte
Ali de Bold - Chick Advisor
Danielle Meder - Final Fashion
Tiffanie Ing - Toronto Street Fashion.

There were a lot of new faces and a short discussion about how the brunch started. Danielle thought it would be a good idea for us bloggers to meet in the real world. We planned to goto Bird on College Street and have some drinks. Things went wacky after that. Bird happened to be closed and so the bloggers that arrived early went to another place. A note was left for the late comers but it was taken down by the time they (me) arrived there. Bars don't make great environments for chatting so Danielle decided that meeting over food would be better. So it was decided that we should do brunch instead. A few different locations have been lucky enough to host a TFBB; they include Future Bakery, Il Gusto and The Drake Hotel. Brassaii has won the hearts of all brunchers with the affordable menu and fashion worthy space.

We talked about Ali's new Street Style podcast called "Where did you get that?" for her site Chick Advisor. The podcast is very well done and she has hooked up with Slice TV making the production value very high, well done. I was amazed at how candid people are about how much they have spent on their stuff. I don't think I would ever mention the price of high priced bag on camera. I'm slightly embarrassed that I spend $30 on a cute reusable tote bag from Magic Pony. I was amazed that people like Posh Spice, Lindsay Lohan or Gwen Stefani are people's style icons. People should be looking up to their stylists instead.

The upcoming Satan's Candy show was on the lips of many bloggers. We have been eagerly anticipating the unveiling of Carolyn's band since the spring. With songs inspired by fashion and Jagermeister how can you go wrong? Nana and I realized that we both contribute to blogTO towards the end of the brunch. She does the Divercity podcasts.

My friend Marija talked about her world traveling adventures and how Hong Kong sucked her in for 4 years. Giselle talked about her move to Toronto from South America and how much she really enjoys living here because of the diversity that only a city like this can offer.

The bloggers brunch brings out an amazing set of people month to month. I can't wait to see what July will bring.

image: Final Fashion

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