Grateful Head: Not Your Ordinary Hair Shop

A few months back during a laundry session, I decided to take a walk. Venturing east on Dundas Street West, across from Trinity Bellwoods Park I came across probably THEE best named hair salon in Toronto, Grateful Head. As I walked past the salon, I peered in to see the sitch...exposed brick, crazy paintings on the wall but alas I was a late launderer and had come upon the place after hours. Regardless of that fact, I had immediately decided that this place was to become my new hair salon, solely based on their name. I mean, how could I not? Grateful Head? So. Many. Jokes. Brain. Exploding!

A couple weeks later, I made the call. Cut and dye with Lisa.

Upon my arrival, I went into Grateful Head with some serious Rock N' Roll expectations. Needless to say, what I wanted is what I got.

After chit chatting with my stylist, I realized that Lisa is the owner of Grateful Head and obviously very much a Deadhead. Dressed in rocker tees and admitting that she'll only hire stylists that play an instrument, she is indeed dedicated to the lifestyle. Lisa herself is involved with a band, as are many of the staff there. There is even a jam space below that is used after hours. Even more than that, they have "Rock and Roll Mondays" in which Lisa and one of her coworkers crank the rock and roll and cut hair at student-y prices (inquire within).

Because my new 'do was quite the process, it required two phases.

Phase One: A sweet "rockery" cut and then part of the dye (extreme blonde & black action).
(put hair on a break for a couple of weeks)
Phase Two: Complete rest of blonde and add in MORE black for that extra RAWK.

The cool thing about the two phases, is that Lisa didn't charge me for the 2nd phase. I realize that a lot of hair salons offer this if they want to "finish" your look on the 2nd visit, but most accept a little bit of money/tip--but she wouldn't take a thing. That is my idea of professionalism and having passion for your work.

So if you're in the Dundas/Trinity Bellwoods area, and need a new 'do, I suggest getting a little Grateful Head. Great staff, great chats and seeing as I went in for just the name and came out with a fabulous look...nobody's head is more grateful than mine.

Grateful Head Collective Salon
1006 Dundas St. West - Toronto
416.915.HEAD (4323)

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