Toronto Fashion Week: Day 1

It's the first day of Fashion Week. I really didn't know what to expect as this is my first time attending. People asked me if I attended last year and my answer was laziness. This year, I'm actually part of the media, which I find hilarious.

I walk into Muzik and many beautiful people are mulling about. Trends of the day are skinny jeans, platform heels and a designer bag. I decided to wear low-key outfit jeans, white shirt and a black V-neck sweater. I'm also sporting my favourite Adidas bag.

I wander around and don't find any of the four people I actually know at the event. Free magazines are everywhere. I grab a few and head over to the Media Lounge. There is a small spread of nibbles and its funny watching people make a b-line to the table. I have to admit I made that b-line myself, as there were some tasty fruit tarts. Daniel et Daniel did the media room catering.

I spotted some local celebs; Jeanne Beker was filming and making the rounds. Three Canada's Next Top Model contestants attended Sisi (my personal favourite), Tenika and Ylenia.

The first show of the night was Fragmented Time L'Oreal Spring Beauty Trends 2007. The show featured makeup and hair designs by L'Oreal. The models were clad in completely white clothing from various Canadian designers. I was a too far away to get a good look at the makeup, but the hair creations were fun and dramatic. A few of the models looked like they weren't having a good time, maybe it was nerves.

Between shows, I finally ran into some people that I know, Yay! The crew from Toronto Street Fashion was in full fashionable force. Of course, Carolyn from TFI always looks good. It was nice to see some familiar faces among the crowd. I'm having a great time people watching, especially their shoes. You have a few groups out there the Fashionistas they are on top of the trends. The Style Set is classic and never out of fashion. Finally, there is a small spattering of the Unique Ones with their personal style and the attitude to pull it off. It's good to see individuality breaking free. I'm impressed at the execution of many outfits that night. People are on top of their game.

Marie Saint Pierre from Montreal is the next show and I loved it. Everyone involved with the show helped to deliver a well-executed performance. The music perfectly fit the darker nature of the clothing. The models all had dolls entwined in their hair, which was a little creepy, but perfect for the collection. There were many floaty frocks with empire waists and some beautiful sheer blouses with strategic ruffling. Marie has a thing for the dramatic collar and that is a woman after my own heart. Throughout the collection were the recurring use of crinkly textures, ruffles, embellished details and deconstruction. My runway pictures look like this below. I just don't have the camera for it.


I didn't spend the whole night partying, the day job calls. It ran till 4am apparently. I'll be back at TFW for Day 3 and I'm looking forward to seeing common cloth and Zoran Dobric.

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