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So as not to be biased, I have prepared a follow-up article to my last post, to discuss men's fashion. I will be the first to state that I am no expert in men's clothing. I have sold it, I have bought it, I have both admired and criticized it, but beyond that my advice would be simply from the perspective of a girl who likes clothes. So instead of another lengthy article detailing what trends are hot, I have put together a few key pointers from girl to guy.

Let's start with the fun part: What not to do. First of all, truth be told, very few grown men look enduring in backwards baseball hats. If you are a Bluejay, I take it back, I will let it slide. Otherwise, there may not be so much "getting' lucky" involved in that lucky cap.

Socks with sandals. If it is hot enough for sandals, roll with it. If it is not don't worry, it is Canada, wear shoes today and go back to the sandals tomorrow, it's bound to heat up. On that note, if you are taking the plunge into relatively bare-feet territory please be sure to take care of your toenails. Clean and short is the way to go. Trust me, people notice.

A good pair of sunglasses is essential. In fact, go out right now and get a good pair that blocks all UV rays and has polarized lenses. You do not have to spend a lot, and this will help reduce a number of future eye problems. However, your eyes will not need protection in nightclubs, after dark, or indoors with no natural light shining through. I have noticed a number of people in Toronto seem to be confused by this, so I just wanted to clear that up.

Please, please no fake tanning. If you really feel you want a "healthy glow" a tanning bed will not actually provide that-it will provide damaged skin cells and a very real potential for skin cancer. Instead, hit a local Shoppers Drug Mart and ask somebody in cosmetics to help you pick a self-tanner. Do not fear, they have really improved in recent years.

Lastly, be careful with the cologne in the summer heat. A little bit goes a long way. Besides, you should be wearing sunscreen anyway and the coconut smell is very appealing (go for a 30 SPF or higher).

Now onto a more positive note- that which is good! The first thing that came to me-linen. Light, comfortable and always flattering. Just be sure to wash in cold water, and never machine dry. Another plus? After air drying, linen will look a little wrinkly, but guess what? You do not have to iron linen! That is part of the look!

Do not be afraid to wear colour, especially pink. Really, it is not a prank. Bold, colourful cotton tees are a great way to add some colour, but nothing beats a nice pink button-up or polo on a man. Since I have got that by you, I will also sneak in flowers. Yes, you will see a lot of shirts around with flowers and floral patterns for men and I think it's a great look.

Anything vintage is very in this summer, especially old band tees. Hit the Black-Market on Queen St. for some really funky, affordable redesigned vintage. Just be sure to leave yourself some time in the lower shop, there is a lot to check out. On that note, men's jeans look great with a boot cut, some (small) rips, and slightly faded. The good news is, you could probably find these at a neat vintage store too.

The most important fashion statement you can make though (and this goes for the ladies too) is wearing what you feel comfortable in, and making your own statement. You do not have to stick to the rigid guidelines of certain trends to look great, they come and go, but having a personal style will never go out.

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