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You Babe

You, Babe is a Toronto shop named for the Sonny and Cher song. It's stocked with women’s clothing, accessories, housewares and knick knacks. The style is a mix of vintage and new brands that owner Rebecca Sherman picks out herself. 

On most days, Sherman can be found puttering away at a sewing machine in the back making clothing for the shop or altering items for customers. 

You Babe TorontoThe interior is relatively small but is adorned with cute bohemian chandeliers, and there’s one changing room at the back with a curtain.

A lot of the clothing is pretty simple, with the occasional splash of zaniness appearing in a funky lining or cool detail. Sherman is always hunting for Levi’s and great leather items.

You Babe TorontoShe supports local Canadian companies like Bees Butter, and she’s actually their first ever stockist. They’re a natural skincare brand that makes this sumptuous body butter ($16) using only local beeswax without adding any chemicals or preservatives

You Babe TorontoBees Butter also makes lip balm ($6) in yummy and original grapefruit, mint, and cacao flavours.

You Babe TorontoThese cute cups ($12) are another item that’s sure to prove useful for a long time, all the while adding a girly touch of sparkle to your home.

You Babe TorontoThe shop is less brand-oriented than item-oriented: Sherman sees things she likes, and wants those garments to speak for themselves. Reselling vintage items also makes it possible for her to offer gems to her customers at lower prices.

You Babe TorontoSherman is a self-described “blouse person” and selections on offer veer towards her personal taste and whatever catches her eye. One day you might walk in to find a hip neutral turtleneck, the next, a colourful pastel sweater.


You Babe TorontoSherman loves mixing old and new for a simple, minimal style. Overall, this is a sweet little concept shop showcasing neat finds that could make great additions to new party outfit, or fun and easy gifts.

You Babe TorontoRacks line one side of the room, and shelves line the other, making a divide between the apparel and the housewares. A few tiny plants are perched above the clothing, watching you make your darling selections.

You Babe Toronto

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Hector Vasquez

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