West Salon and Spa Toronto

West Salon & Spa

West Salon & Spa is brand new, and in a prime bit of WQW real estate between the Drake and the Gladstone -- perfectly situated to primp scenesters on their way out for the night, and help them recover the morning after.


Well, she got me. Priscilla Medeiros, the co-owner of Queen Street's brand new West Salon & Spa (along with her partner Rob Banton), was kind enough to let me sample their Hydradermie Deluxe facial ($125, 1.5 hours).

And by "she got me", I mean that it was so damn good that I'm pretty sure I fell asleep.

Facials are my relaxation kryptonite. As hard as I try to stay agitated about a massive to-do list, or an impending deadline, or my wacky family, you can put a warm towel on my face and it all melts away to the "whathafazzzzwhocares" place.

West's 90-minutes are generous. While I did relax all the way to the "whathafazzz" place, I could still tell that Priscilla was taking it slow. I like a facial that has a lot going on. A cleanse and a mask, I could do that at home (I don't, but I could). At a spa, I want the full range of goops and textures. My face should be a hub of activity. And it was. There was cleansing, there was steaming (accompanied by a hand massage), there was gel, there was foam, exfoliation, masking, eye hydration, protective serum and plenty of moisturizing.

Each product was announced as it was used, along with what it does -- e.g. an anti-sensitivity serum for my easily troubled (read: wussy) complexion.

Like many downtown salons, West's square footage is at a premium. But with a double door on the way to the treatment room, they have done an admirable job of soundproofing the relaxation-focused areas in the back from the primping for a night-out hair-and-nail area up front.

The facial includes a scalp massage, and a hand massage. And arms. And shoulders. And earlobes. (A person can hold a surprising amount of tension in their earlobes).

I appreciated that Priscilla's priority was to care for the skin, recommending after the facial that I not put on makeup for the rest of the day (check), and let the final serums and moisturizers work overnight.

Not putting on makeup and not going out that night was not a problem. Before I could get off the table, I had to do that yoga thing where you "slowly bring awareness back" by wiggling your fingers and toes. Walking home was a one-foot-in-front-of-the-other effort. Perfect. Go now before the Bohemian Embassy is built and the madding condo crowds take it over.


Fall 2009


  • Pedicure: $45 | 60 min
  • Manicure: $25 | 30 min
  • Women's Cuts: $45+
  • Men's Cuts: $34+
  • Beaute Neuve Facial: $95 | 60 min
  • Brazilian: $49


From the spa: "Our 'Queen Spa Package' which includes haircut and blow dry, Hydradermie Facial and a manicure. A value of $170 for only $119."


"We are a full service Salon/Spa, we offer everything from airbrush spray and tan to facials to hair."


  • Guinot
  • Schwarzkopf


  • Discounts for client referrals

West Salon and Spa Toronto

West Salon and Spa Toronto

West Salon and Spa Toronto

West Salon and Spa Toronto

West Salon and Spa Toronto

West Salon and Spa Toronto

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