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Silver Falls

Silver Falls is the newest addition to high end vintage on Lower Ossington . The boutique/art gallery opened a few months ago beside Sweaty Betty's. Silver Falls offers a fine selection of vintage, mixing some more modern designer pieces but staying within an affordable price range.

I picked up a stunning brightly printed scarf with an amazing animal print for around $18. In general, prices vary depending on the items quality, age, and label. Shoes can range between $30-$80, dresses start around $35 and go up to around $100, skirts average $35, and sweaters between $20-35.

Hunter and Cook

What I like best about Silver Falls is the vintage here isn't diluted with irony or in your face kitsch. This is best exemplified when looking at the store's interior which is minimalist to say the least. The vintage is finely combed and weeded out which makes shopping here not overwhelming or time consuming.

Also, in the back of the store is art gallery Hunter & Cook which is run by Jay Issac who is also the editor and chief of Hunter & Cook magazine .

Silver Falls

Wanting to find out more about the story behind Silver Fall, I recently connected with co-owner Lindsay Fernlund .

How did Silver Falls come to be?

I was looking for a space for a clothing store and my boyfriend Jay was looking for a headquarters for his magazine and we miraculously found this two-in-one location. It's actually a three-in-one because there is a studio in the back. The stars were aligned and I needed to make some serious decisions in my life.

Had Silver Falls been something you wanted to start for a long time?

I always knew I wanted to run my own business someday. It just took me a while to get the guts.

Where did your interest in vintage begin?

I used to come to Toronto and vintage shop when I was in high school. It wasn't such a big thing back then and you could get amazing leather jackets for like, $20. I was also a big army surplus love for vintage was born from necessity- lack of funds. Vintage is like gold now, harder to find and more precious.

What was the idea behind combining a gallery with the vintage store and how do you think vintage and art relate to one another?

The combination of a store/art gallery wasn't something Jay and I were cooking up for a long time. The opportunity to have both just presented itself. The decision was fairly organic and logical. Art and fashion relate in the way that they are both visual and creative based. I know that I like art and fashion and I see no need for snobbery or separation.

What is the story behind the name Silver Falls?

I was having a hard time coming up with a name and Jay suggested "Silver Falls" which is the name of one of his paintings. I thought it was a great name to encompass the gallery, shop and future clothing line I am working on.

How does Silver Falls differ from the surrounding vintage shops on Ossington?

I appreciate and shop at all the stores on Ossington. Everyone has their own thing going on....I guess what I choose to have in the store is a reflection of my taste. Everything is in mint condition. I have some labels mixed in with regular vintage pieces. I try to think about what other people like but I do have to love it to put it in the store. I also wanted the shop to feel warm and inviting which contrasts with the starkness of the gallery space. I never enjoyed shopping in a laboratory-like space so I wanted a human quality.

What do you like most about having a vintage shop on Ossington and why was this area appealing?

Ossington was my ideal location because so much is happening here. I live nearby and have been watching things slowly grow. I Miss You Vintage bravely opened up when Ossington was a barren wasteland and it's been on the rise ever since. I think it is a good thing to have similar shops together because it makes for a destination street.

Why do you love vintage?

I love hunting for vintage. I love finding an amazing piece that has somehow made it through decades of time so it can be worn again and loved. I think the longevity of certain clothing items really speaks to how things were made better in the past. I like to mix one-of-a-kind items in with my American Apparel and my H&M. I think that is how most girls shop.

Silver Falls Ossington

Silver Falls VIntage

Silver Falls Store Toronto

Writing by Eva Bowering. Photos by Nicole .

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