Kind Exchange

Kind Exchange

The Kind Exchange helps to solve one of the biggest problems you face when it comes time for that inevitable wardrobe clean out — where to dump the decent clothes that no longer make the cut. Never mind taking that horrid trip to Value Village, sometimes you have good stuff that you might be able to use to help finance some new items for the closet.

Kind Exchange Toronto

Much like Common Sort , the Kind Exchange is a buy, sell, trade, and donate retailer. You can bring in clothes, shoes, jewellery — no appointment needed, though you might want to ensure that they're in season — and sell them to the store for cash or a credit. This adds a little bit of fun to the shopping process, because it's like a clothing swap with strangers (as with any second hand shop, it's highly recommended you wash after you buy).


Some of the clothes on offer qualify as real steals. My roommate, for instance, snagged a Jean Paul Gaulthier dress for $20. That's not going to happen every day, but that's a pretty tantalizing possibility. Naturally, good pieces move fast, so you'll need a little luck (or to be a return visitor) to if you hope to get your hands of the designer stuff.


What sets the Kind Exchange apart from some other second-hand clothing stores is their charity and donation programs. The store works with three charities at a time, which switch on a quarterly basis. If you bring in a piece they are not interested in buying, you can choose to donate the sale value of your clothing to charity. There's also the "skip a bag" program, where, if you refuse a plastic bag they will make the five cent donation on your behalf. A token is handed to you, and can be placed in the donation box of the charity of your choice that they are currently partnering with.

That should take away any guilt you might have had for passing up on a trip to the Salvation Army or Goodwill.

Kind Exchange

Kind Exchange

Kind Exchange

Writing by Lauren Morocco / Photos by Erin Jones

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