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Health Hut is a health-conscious shop where you can find skin, hair and body care products made in Toronto and the GTA by female-owned brands. 

The store partners with local companies such as F. Miller, Graydon, and Province Apothecary to offer natural, chemical-free, environmentally-friendly beauty products and home goods. 

health hut torontoIt's common to walk into a natural store like The Health Shoppe, and feel like you have to buy products solely for the health benefits, regardless of whether you enjoy your experience with the product (take liquid chloryphyl, great for your health, but tastes like the inside of a barn). 

What's different about Health Hut is that people are encouraged to listen to their own internal experience with a product. How it feels to them, if they enjoy the smell, and how they feel using the product itself to determine whether they'll buy it. 

health hut torontoHealth Hut started inside of a literal hut. In 2011, owner Tara Miller says her family owned a gas station in Muskoka and beside it was an old, empty ice cream hut that she renovated into her own natural product general store. 

For the next few summers, Miller continued operating Health Hut in Muskoka, in the winter she was living in Toronto and would operate the business through an online shop.

health hut torontoIn 2014, Miller decided to set up shop in Toronto and opened her first store in Harbord Village. The Health Hut brand became more niche once it came to the city, the products were still chemical-free, but focused more on beauty and self-care. 

Since then, Health Hut has blossomed into a small chain, with two locations in the city, the first in Little Italy and the second in Leslieville. 

health hut torontoThe interior aesthetic of this store is clean, white, and bright with hints of green, giving me spa-like vibes, which automatically feels relaxing when walking inside.  

health hut torontoRows and shelves of products may seem daunting, but the inviting energy of the team at Health Hut makes you feel comfortable to learn about natural beauty products, even if you've never used them before. 

health hut torontoThe Jal scent by LOHN candles is made from organic coconut soy wax with a non-toxic wick and recyclable packaging.

health hut torontoThe candle is sourced from a Mississauga company owned by two females and comes in two different sizes 3 ounces ($22.00) and 7.5 ounces ($39.00).  It has a a sensual smell to it with strong notes of clove and saffron mixed with soft vanilla and amber. 

health hut torontoThe Seabuckthorn cleanser by Living Libations Best Skin Ever, is a moisturizer, exfoliator and makeup remover all-in-one. It comes in three different sizes 30 ml ($26.00), 50 ml ($36.00) and 100 ml ($60).

The formula is similar to an oil-like consistency made with pure plant botanicals and sourced from Haliburton, Ont. Scents of lavender, grapefruit, and coconut oil work to hydrate the skin. 

health hut torontoThe F. Miller Hair oil (30ml-$55.00) is packed with vitamins and nutrients to condition and repair dry ends, while stimulating hair growth in sparse areas. 

health hut torontoMade with pure plant botanicals, it can be used on any area of your body with hair. This product's scent reminds me of essential oils, strong notes of bergamot and tea tree oil, make your hair smell like you just stepped out of the shower. 

health hut torontoThe Wildcraft Illuminate Body Cream (240ml-$34.00) has a rich consistency, a little bit of this product goes a long way.

Scented with lemongrass, citrus and sunflower, this cream is 99 per cent organic and cruelty-free. It has aloe vera and calendula inside to help soothe rough skin and maintain a glow, I could see this product being good to use in the winter or for people who have eczema. 

Health Hut is one of the only beauty and home-related health shops located near the intersection of Queen and Pape. The outside of the shop is all-white with the letter "H" marked on the front glass window. 

health hut toronto

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