Champagne and Cupcakes

Champagne & Cupcakes

Champagne and CupcakesFinally - dresses and cupcakes together at last! Such is the promise of the new boutique Champagne & Cupcakes near Queen and Dovercourt in the space that used to be the long-shuttered Mood in Wood.

Toronto designer Caroline Lim just opened the store last Saturday and already dresses have been flying off the shelf to those looking for something to wear to grad, the prom or yet another wedding.

When I first saw the name stenciled on the front glass window I thought that this could be the answer to my shopping nightmares - you know, the ones where my better half and I trudge from store to store in search of the perfect dress. Here, she could try on dresses to her heart's content. And what would I do? Eat cupcakes of course.

As it turns out, the cupcake reference here is more of a metaphor than a smorgasborg. The idea behind the name is to evoke a sense of affordable luxury. Like cupcakes. Dresses here range from $79-$200 and custom outfits can also be arranged for prices starting at $250.


All dresses are designed in house by Lim in her basement studio. Lingerie and jewellery are also available, all sourced from South Korea.

What about the cupcakes? Looks can be deceiving. In the middle of the store is a big plate of cupcakes. Green ones. Purple ones. Oranges ones. Some with chocolate sprinkles. But sadly, none of the edible variety. All of the cupcakes are courtesy of Vancouver's Open Sundaes. It's all just a fun way to package bubble bath and Champagne & Cupcakes is the first store in Toronto to carry the line.

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Champagne and Cupcakes

Champagne and Cupcakes

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