mcdonalds grimace shake review

We tried the viral McDonald's Grimace Shake and here's an honest review

The viral Grimace Shake from McDonald's has finally made its debut in Canada, and blogTO taste-tested this mysterious purple beverage to see what all the fuss is about.

The flavour debuted last year in the U.S. to celebrate the birthday of the giant McNugget-shaped purple creature (still objectively less terrifying than the clown mascot) and finally arrived in Canada to mark the occasion in 2024 when it launched across the country on May 14 for "a super limited time."

Many of you may have disturbing yet entirely justified questions right now, like "What flavour is Grimace?" — and after several members of the team taste-tested this curious creation, we can offer our honest thoughts on this pale purple beverage.

A small Grimace Shake will run you $4.19 and clock in at 660 calories. That's already 100 calories more than a Big Mac without even getting into the larger sizes, so anyone watching their waist might want to keep that number in mind.

Individual ratings from the blogTO team range from 3/10 on the low end, maxing out at a mediocre 6.5/10, but you're probably still wondering what this thing tastes like.

And, honestly, so are we.

There's definitely vanilla in there, with a vaguely "purple" flavour that nobody could confidently identify. Is it grape? Is it cotton candy? Is it a giant furry mascot creature slaughtered and blended into a sweet concoction?

The ingredients list includes blueberry-flavoured syrup and vanilla milk, but after tasting it, the jury is still out on what exactly "Grimace" tastes like.

While nobody was sure what they were tasting, everyone at blogTO seemed to agree that it wasn't spectacular.

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My own personal experience with the Grimace Shake on launch day was one of initial surprise. It seemed pretty pleasant on the first sip. But the deeper I got, the more I was getting hints of cough syrup and sadness.

The Grimace Shake will only be available for a limited time in restaurants and via delivery apps.

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