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Toronto woman incensed by blatant case of shrinkflation at Loblaws store

Yet another vigilant Toronto shopper wary of rampant grocery price inflation was enraged to realize that the toothpaste she usually buys has been downsized and remains the exact same price.

On a regular grocery trip to her local Loblaws at Bathurst and St. Clair, the Toronto resident picked up what she thought was the same box of Colgate Total that she always grabs.

But, upon getting home and opening the box, she realized that the tube was actually far smaller than the one she bought last month at the exact same price of $2.99.

Sharing a photo of the difference to blogTO, she compared her larger 120 mL container from March to two much smaller 75 ml ones that she bought on the weekend, saying that she "didn't know or realize that they'd been reduced in size for the same price."

loblaws toronto

A resident picked up what she thought was the same box of toothpaste as always at a Toronto Loblaws over the weekend, only to realize later that Colgate had reduced its product size, while Loblaws kept the item at the same price. Photo submitted by Sandi Cole to blogTO.

She's considering another case of shrinkflation among countless in recent memory, and is pointing the finger at not just Colgate for duping customers with the change, but also Loblaws for its role in keeping the same price for the smaller item (which comes in a deceivingly similar box).

"What bothers me the most is that there wasn't much difference in the packaging, so I was surprised when I opened it and saw how small the tube of toothpaste was. It's very deceiving by Colgate and Loblaws," she says.

"The item should not be $2.99, which I usually pay for the larger tube."

Toothpaste companies seem to be some of the worst culprits in the shrinkflation trend lately, though consumers have been surprised to find that everything from bacon and chips to Kraft Dinner and chocolate is costing more for less product.

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