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Banana pudding and burgers is Toronto's latest viral food craze

A good old fashioned burger works with a lot of popular pairings: French fries, poutine, onion rings — even a milkshake!

It wouldn't require a food scene aficionado to formulate a food crawl around sourcing where to get the best of these combos.

But a new Toronto food trend is slowly but surely creeping across social media, showcasing all the spots in the city where you can simultaneously indulge in a burger and … pudding. Banana, specifically. 

Not as expected as your burger and fries combo — but apparently, a lot more common in Toronto than you'd think!

Our city's food scene sure does love a trend (whether it was asked for, or not …) so it didn't take long for influencers to catch on to how many spots offer up burgers of some kind and banana pudding — and document their entire experience for the world to see, of course.

Some of Toronto's most well known food influencers, such as Nat Doumkos and @tryittoronto's Sai Balaji — who have an accumulated following of over 120k — have taken to their platforms to highlight their favourite spots in the city to pick up the bizarre (but realistically, pretty tempting) combo.

The apparent hot spots to hit up are Rudy, Rosie's, Burger Drops, Happy Burger and PG Clucks — though I'm betting we'll see quite a few other burger spots in the city adding banana pudding to their menu in the very near future.

And hey - why not! Salty, tangy burger meets creamy, sweet banana pudding? What's not to like! 

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