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Toronto TikToker spooked by price of Halloween candy at Shoppers Drug Mart

A Canadian TikToker was spooked by the "insane" prices for Halloween candy at Shoppers Drug Mart.

Unfortunately, outrageous grocery prices do not discriminate on the season, as even the cost of Halloween treats seems to have been affected.

TikTok user @kanadiankia shared his reaction to seeing the price of a box of 100 Nestlé assorted mini Halloween candy bars at Shoppers Drug Mart last week.

"I want you guys to see this is absolutely wild — $25.49 for a hundred-piece pack. Wow," he says in the video.

@kanadiankia Insane prices at Shoppers Drug Mart. #shoppersdrumart #canada #toronto #fyp #fypシ ♬ original sound - kanadiankia

He had the comment section divided on whether the outrage was called for.

"That's craziness. They sure aren't that price in the USA," agreed one person.

"Take out a payment plan, and you can maybe pay it off before Halloween," a commenter joked.

"Shoppers Drug Mart is on one for real," added another.

Others thought the price was reasonable for how many treats you're getting.

"What is that, 25 cents per? And you're complaining?" reads one comment.

Many advised the shopper to go to a different grocery store.

"Tip: Avoid Shoppers at all costs unless you see something there that's on a discount or actually cheap, etc.," replied one person.

"It's Shoppers, cheaper at Loblaws, NoFrills, Walmart and Costco," added another.

The commenters are correct.

The price for the same box at Loblaws is $18.99 at the time of publishing. People have found other examples of price disparities between Shoppers Drug Mart and Loblaws, despite being owned by the same company.

At Costco, you can get a box of 125 assorted Halloween candy on sale for $17.49.

If these prices are too high for you, the soaring cost of food has driven Canadians to get more creative. One BC resident details how she saves money on groceries by shopping in the US, and another shows how she saves up to $200 a month by dumpster diving.

Hopefully, this doesn't spell a candy drought for trick-or-treaters!

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