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Toronto is about to get the first location of a famous Japanese ramen restaurant

Internationally-renowned ramen chain, AFURI Ramen, is set to officially launch its first location in Toronto next month. 

The global chain — which is well-known for its yuzu-infused ramen — was first founded in Tokyo in 2001 and now boasts several locations in the U.S., Vancouver, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Portugal. 

The restaurant is named after Mt. Afuri, which lies on the edge of the Tanzawa mountains in Japan. 

“Afuri has long been known for its waters; it was once considered a sacred mountain of food harvest, and thousands would journey to Mt. Afuri every year in pilgrimage. Legend even has it Mt. Afuri is the father of Mt. Fuji," a description of the restaurant's name reads. 

The chain operates on a "rigorous no MSG policy," with noodles crafted in-house through a minimum two to three-hour process using wheat flour sourced from Japan. 

The restaurant's menu centres around its signature bowl of Yuzu Shio ramen, which, as its name suggests, is made with yuzu, a type of Japanese citrus, and shio, the Japanese term for salt. The dish also features simmered chicken broth, dry fish "niboshi" and "katsuobushi," dry konbu seaweed, and vegetables.

You'll also find small shareable plates on the menu like watermelon salad, crispy tori karaage, as well as handcrafted spirits, fresh bar drinks, and made-to-order dumplings. 

AFURI ramen + dumplings is set to open at 411 Church St. on Sunday, July 2. 

To celebrate the grand opening of the 3,500-square-foot restaurant, the chain will be offering 100 free fresh-squeezed yuzu limeades to guests on July 2 and 3 on a first-come first-served basis. 

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