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Iconic bakery is permanently closing after 43 years in Toronto

One of Toronto's most famous Portuguese bakeries is closing after 43 years. 

Venezia Bakery, a fixture at the corner of Argyle and Ossington, announced the closure in a sign posted on their front door.

"Thanks to everyone for your support & love! We have loved being here," the sign reads, co-written by owners Maria and Joao Caetano.

The couple, who met near Lisbon and married in 1964, have worked in the bakery since shortly after they moved to Canada in 1972. 

The bakery was originally opened in 1961 by Italian owners but the couple took it over in 1980, seven years after Maria started working there.

As Lower Ossington has rapidly gentrified over the past 15 years, the bakery has been a constant about half way down the strip.

While it recently renovated, it has more or less kept to its traditional roots serving both long-time regulars as well as newer residents and visitors to the area.

It's known for all sorts of Portuguese baked goods including its bread, Pasteis de Nata (custard tarts), rice pudding and donuts.

The last day for the bakery will be May 21.

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Hector Vazquez

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