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The 5 most unique pizza you can eat in Toronto

It's no secret Toronto has a competitive pizza scene. However, there are some restaurants that are pushing the limits of what may or may not belong on a pizza. 

Here's a look into some of the most unique pizza offerings in the city.

Martino Pizza

Perhaps a polarizing idea, the General Tso pizza at this Annex joint is literally topped with a generous amount of sweet and sour General Tso chicken.

A family-run business, the store manager tells me "We're the only one doing this kind of pizza, it might be the second best-selling pizza for us".

Slowhand Pizza

The What 's the Dill Yo? slice is loaded with lots of sliced Kosher dill pickles, finished with fresh dill and a Carolina Gold mustard drizzle.

Leslieville pizzeriea co-owner Dan Ewing tells me that it's his personal favourite pizza on the menu.

Conspiracy Pizza

Inspired by a plate of fully loaded nachos, The Roswell at this Leaside pizzeria has tomato sauce, mozzarella topped with slow-cooked pulled pork, olives, jalapenos, cilatro sour cream and Fritos!!

They tell me "it's a very popular pizza and our customers love that it tastes just like nachos".

Pizza On Fire

The Tandoori Pizza at this Scarborough joint is Halal tandoori chicken topped with avocado, red onion, baby spinach, and mozzarella.

This pie is known for being filling but greasy on the bottom. 

Lamanna's Bakery

The Churro Big Slice at this Scarborough institution is topped with too many cinnamon churros to count. It sits on top of a caramel base with whip cream dallops.

It's not just the fact the slices are XXXL here, it's that the pizza is merely a plate to carry the toppings at a whopping $55.

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Fareen Karim

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The 5 most unique pizza you can eat in Toronto

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