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Toronto burrito joint has permanently closed after efforts to save the business fail

A local fast food restaurant that's best known for merging both Chinese and Tex-Mex flavours to create one-of-a-kind chow mein stuffed burritos is of no more. 

Sadly, the death knell has rung for the last standing location of Chino Locos despite making an appeal to the community for financial assistance.

The move was a last resort two months ago for the 15-year-old business which bade adieu to its second Church St. location in 2014, and an outpost on Broadview that closed in 2019.

Unfortunately, it appears Chino Locos' original Leslieville operation was unable to carry on and shuttered at the end of March. 

In a post shared on its Instagram account, owner Victor Su gives thanks to his loyal customers for their continued support but confessed that despite their best efforts, the business faced difficulties recovering from the compounding effects resulting from pandemic restrictions and other financial burdens. 

Despite the owners' GoFundMe efforts, the post shared that the business is "still in the weeds and on the hook for a large sum to both the CRA for the (CERB) as well as the landlord and that back rent situation." 

The statement posted invited customers to swing by for a final taste of the Chino Locos' unique takes on the burrito before their closure. 

"Blessings to all of you and farewell from two dudes that tried to make a Crazy Chinese burrito business in TO."

Chino Locos closed on March 31. 

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