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Restaurant that replaced iconic Toronto brunch spot has locals confused

A Toronto restaurant that's replacing former brunch spot Aunties and Uncles is rebranding the restaurant with a new name, although it continues to pay homage to the business that occupied the space for 23 years. 

Aunties and Uncles was first established in 1998 and served up all-day breakfast until it officially closed its doors on May 31, 2021

A local resident uploaded several images of the new business to a community Facebook group, which raised several questions about the new restaurant's name. 

According to a DineSafe notice on the restaurant's storefront, it is now called "Anntie Uncle," which closely resembles the brunch spot's original name. 

"This is what's replacing Aunties and Uncles. I assume they picked the name Anntie Uncle so they wouldn't have to replace the sign?" the post reads.

The menu restaurant's new lunch and dinner menu features dishes like beef lasagna, mac and cheese, eggplant parmesan, a variety of pasta, and chicken wings. 

"I wandered by on opening day and got a little tour. They've got both a location of the west end bakery Ma Maison and bought the menu from Aunties and Uncles and are serving some items from their menu," one person replied. 

"Looks like a menu with no defined identity," a skeptical comment reads.

"Give it a try! I think they are experienced operators with a successful bakery in Etobicoke. Best not to pre-judge," another customer wrote.

Back in spring 2021, owner Russ Nicholls got an unsolicited offer on the building which he said he couldn't refuse. 

"I took the offer. Life is short. 23 years is a long time to be slinging omelets. Now I can sling my fishing lures, for now," Nicholls previously told blogTO.

"I had a great run, but given the choice to stay or go, I took the door out. Moving forward, I will enjoy some down time before I likely find some new adventure."

The Anntie Uncle menu will be served in the same building as the original Aunties and Uncles, at 74 Lippincott Street. 

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Jesse Milns

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