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People are slamming a Toronto McDonald's with one-star reviews for different reasons

Customer service, quality, and cleanliness at McDonald's locations across Toronto can differ greatly, but one location in particular is getting slammed by one-star reviews online. 

The McDonald's location in question currently has a 2.9 star rating with over 2,000 reviews on Google, and is located at 25 Joe Shuster Way, 1100 King. St. W. 

One-star reviews regarding this McDonald's point out food quality, while some customers criticize the location's poor customer service, calling the staff "rude" and "super slow."

It's worth noting that this McDonald's is the only one in close proximity to Liberty Village, meaning the poor-rated location is the only option for those in the residential area craving the chain's signature chicken nuggets for at least a few blocks. 

mcdonalds toronto"Definitely the worst McDonald’s in the city. I don't know why I keep going back and thinking it will be different, this is the last time for sure. The food is always cold, buns are stale and dry, lettuce is brown, and the service is super slow," one person wrote. 

"I don't expect much from McDonald's but this location is particularly bad," another reviewer said. 

mcdonalds toronto"This is the worst McDonald's from any McDonald's I've ever been to. It is absolutely filthy and disgusting. The floors and tables are always dirty. The garbage bins are always so overflown so people can't even clean up their own table," a one-star review said. 

"Easily one of the worst McDonald's locations in terms of service," another person said. 

mcdonalds torontoThe majority of McDonald's locations around the city seem to have a rating of 3.0 and above, so it looks like this specific location falls short when compared to the others. 

It's also worth noting that the restaurant has received several five-star reviews during the last couple of months. One person wrote, "the staff was so friendly. I was not able to place my order online at night but the girl, she gave me a free drink." 

This location has yet to respond to any of the one-star reviews on Google, so it's unclear if they've taken any of the feedback as constructive criticism. 

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