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Tim Horton's Roll up The Rim contest mistakingly tells players they won $10K

A subset of Tim's Roll up The Rim players recently had their lives changed for just a moment, and then immediately snatched away after receiving a false winner's announcement.

Earlier this week, just as the annual contest kicked off, a group of customers across the country received a message while playing the game that they'd won a $10,000 gift card from VISA or American Express.

Definitely not a small amount of money, these players were jumping for joy as they thought about how the cash could change their lives for the better. 

But, unfortunately, this was a massive error and none of these players had actually won a penny.

"For a few hours on Monday morning, a technical error caused an issue for a small subset of Roll Up To Win players. They were shown an incorrect award message for a prize that is meant to be awarded once per day to one person in our jackpot draw,” said Tim Horton's.

Tim's would not confirm the exact number of clients who received this false positive. 

This "small subset" group of false winners has sent off a few angry messages on social media, slamming Tim's for the error and their response.

These messages allege the chain sent these players a $50 Tim's gift card as an apology. Multiple articles from other media outlets who spoke directly to these clients also back up these claims.

However, Tim's did not provide a solid answer on how they remedied this mistake, avoiding the question entirely when responding to blogTO's question. 

They did indicate the company is working on speaking with the false winners, writing "we're already in contact with some of the impacted guests to express our regret for the disappointment caused by this error."

On just the first day of the contest alone, Monday, March 6, the coffee chain says over 450,000 prizes were awarded to Canadians.

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