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People are still confused about Tim Horton's Roll up the Rim cups

If you recently ordered a double-double and rolled up the rim to find yourself not winning a Jeep, or even getting a "please pay again" message - you're not alone.

People across the province and nation are still confused about why Tim's is printing Roll Up cups without adding prizes.

In case you aren't aware - Roll up the Rim (RUTR) has moved to the virtual world, applicable through the Tims Apps and physical Tims Rewards cards only. 

That's right - cashiers are no longer forced to handle your chewed-up, spit-ladden Roll Up cups, which should have stopped long ago.

Instead, with every eligible purchase, you'll get one roll and will have to visit the Tim's app or website to see if you won a donut or deluxe camping set. A Tim's account is required to do this.

Each purchase requires you to scan the app or card for rewards, loading your digital rolls automatically to your account.

On the app, you can "roll up" a virtual cup with the swipe of your finger - with no saliva necessary.

This new virtual system was introduced back in 2021, but it seems some people still didn't get the message, tagging Tim Horton's and wondering what exactly happened to their rolls.

Making things a bit more complicated, Tim's cups are printed with the words "Roll up to Win" and feature an arrow pointing to where you normally find prizes.

To be fair, this message is displayed on a phone graphic so, if you looked at the cup hard enough you'd be sure to understand what is happening.

As this Monday, March 6 is the first day of RUTR, I'm sure more people will be confused until the contest ends on April 2. Good luck to all the Tim's workers who will no doubt have to convey this message hundreds of times. 

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