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KFC trolls McDonald's Chicken Big Mac with new ad campaign

It's officially a battle of the fast food giants. 

While McDonald's lovers rejoiced when the chain announced that the highly-anticipated Chicken Big Mac would finally be landing in Canada on Tuesday, not everyone was as impressed. 

The Twitter beef began once Louisville-based fried chicken chain KFC decided to clap back at McDonald's across all of its social media platforms within minutes of the announcement. 

KFC Canada replied to the announcement with an "upgraded" picture of the special menu item with the caption, "there, we fixed it." 

McDonald's didn't back down, and responded in a cheeky tweet, "there's no need to fix something that is perfect bestie."

KFC Canada didn't seem too impressed with the response, and requested that a taste test take place to determine which chain serves up the best chicken. 

The quibble didn't stop there, because in a bold and daring move, KFC Canada also decied to park truck-sized ads in front of notable McDonald's locations — cough, Queen and Spadina, cough — to advertise their version of a true chicken sandwich. 

KFC really took it all the way, and even secured a billboard on the Gardiner Expressway to argue their case. 

To clarify, there is not a brand new "Chicken Big Mac" product launching at KFC in response to McDonald's new menu item. The company also told blogTO that they're not encouraging people to switch out McDonald's chicken for KFC's product instead.

Although the back-and-forth was all in good fun, we can't help but wonder: who do you think deserves the best chicken sandwich crown?

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