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Here's an honest review of the Chicken Big Mac at McDonald's Canada

The Chicken Big Mac finally landed in McDonald's locations across Canada on Tuesday, after months of begs and pleas from Canadian fast food lovers.

However, after taste-testing the special menu item, it doesn't seem like everyone was a fan of the double-decker chicken sandwich. 

The novelty item has been available in countries like the United Kingdom, United States, Egypt, and India before, but this week was the first time Canadians could get their hands on the chicken version of the classic burger in domestic franchises. 

The Chicken Big Mac runs for around $8.46 for one sandwich, and $14.79 for an "Extra Value Meal." 

The verdict? Most people seem to be a fan of the classic Big Mac sauce, but many agreed that the components of the sandwich don't necessarily work so well together. 

"It's bizarre. The first half of the bite tasted really good, and the aftertaste tasted not so good," blogTO video reporter Taylor Patterson said.

"The Big Mac sauce isn't really complementing the chicken in the same way it would an actual beef patty." 

Would we order it again? Patterson says no, giving it a final score of 5.5/10. 

"It was so 'meh,'" one commenter wrote. "Stick to the OG sandwiches." 

"Had it yesterday and not worth the hype," another person said.

"Just tried it, and I give it a 6.5," one person chimed in. "Would I order it again? Maybe if I was craving it." 

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