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You can now apply for a job as a rude server at Karen's Diner in Toronto

Global sensation Karen's Diner will soon be arriving in Toronto, a pop-up restaurant experience where you'd better think twice before asking to see the manager.

The concept is a play on the slang term "Karen," the kind of customer that's typically rude or difficult. The restaurant turns the tables by having the staff be the rude ones: you won't be read the specials in dulcet tones, but rather given the finger and insulted to your face.

Now that they're coming to Canada, they've put up a job posting online saying "we're looking for some sh*t staff!"

"Bring some excitement into your boring life, and get paid to tell customers to f*ck off and be a complete and utter d*ck - it's the dream job right," reads the posting.

"Think you've got what it takes to be a busy AF and sassy Karen - click the link in our bio to apply. AND FFS, don't even think about DM'ing us to apply - you will p*ss us off, and we'll probably ghost you tbh."

People have already been responding to the post on social media, with comments like "I know a few people purrrfect for the job. They wouldn’t even have to try" and "Dream work," tagging their sassiest friends.

Positions appear to be open for floor staff, bar staff, venue managers and kitchen staff. You need to apply with a resume and cover letter, and you can also share a 60-second video of you roleplaying working at Karen's in your application.

The diner is touring Canada and will also be heading to Victoria, Calgary and Edmonton, and they're hiring there as well.

Karen's Diner will be in Toronto from April 22 to 30, so if you've always wanted a serving job where you could actually tell people to eat shit, you can apply using this online form.

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