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Pancake restaurant hit with 7 infractions from Toronto health inspectors

A chain of restaurants that's known for their super fluffy pancakes has been nailed by Toronto health inspectors for a total of seven infractions.

Fuwa Fuwa is a brunch darling on Instagram, serving Japanese-style souffle pancakes in a variety of styles.

They have several locations in the city, but it was their 408 Bloor St. W. spot that received a conditional pass with seven infractions for an inspection on February 6.

Of the seven infractions, two were crucial, two were significant and two were minor.

The two crucial infractions were for storing "potentially hazardous foods at internal temperature between 4 C and 60 C" and failing to protect food from contamination or adulteration.

One significant infraction was for failing to provide a thermometer in refrigeration equipment and the action was a notice to comply, but another for sanitizing utensils in a chlorine solution of less than 10 p.p.m. of available chlorine was corrected during the inspection.

The minor infractions were for the food handling room floors and the food handler's outer garments not being clean; the latter was also correcting during the inspection.

There was also one other infraction for a food handler or supervisor not being present during all hours of operation.

fuwa fuwa toronto

The list of infractions listed on the DineSafe website.

Since Fuwa Fuwa only received a conditional pass for these infractions, they can remain open while they work to resolve these issues.

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