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toronto chocolate chip cookies

Shuttered Toronto cafe shares secret recipe for cult-favourite chocolate chip cookies

A very popular Toronto coffee shop that recently closed after more than a decade has graciously shared the recipe for their beloved chocolate chip cookies, which has sold tens of thousands.

Dundas West mainstay The Tampered Press announced their closure at the end of December, after 13 years of serving lattes, buttery croissants and their ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookies.

After receiving many requests for the recipe, they kindly shared the entire process and tips for making these now-famous cookies right at home.

"You asked…HERE. IT. IS. Chocolate Chip Cookie. This thing is magic. We had no idea this cookie was going to have the cult-like following that it did," read The Tampered Press' Instagram post.

"The key to achieving heavenly cookie bliss? Do not overbake! "I'll tell you now if you want to go two more minutes, don't," it stressed.

If you're underestimating just how special these cookies are, you might want to reconsider given the fact the quantity that has been gobbled up by dedicated customers.

"We did the math on how many cookies we made over thirteen years in business. And although this number is probably give or take a few thousand, we figured we made somewhere in the range of 85,000 chocolate chip cookies!!,"  said The Tampered Press.

Comments confirm their cult status, with many stating they are the best chocolate chip cookies in all of Toronto. 

The recipe seems pretty straightforward with specific instructions, including NOT rolling the dough tightly, instead letting them be "loose and rough looking."

This is just one recipe that the cafe will share soon, including the instructions for their oatmeal gluten-free and espresso toffee cookies.

The first recipe they shared was for the delicious gluten-free macaroons.

Get to baking Toronto, this is the perfect project for a cold and snowy weekend.

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The Tampered Press

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