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Latke-flavoured ice cream sells out in a minute and Toronto residents can't get enough

Nothing says Hanukkah like a pint of frozen latke spiked ice cream, right?

Well, unfortunately, if you don't have your paws on some now, you never will.

Famed plant-based ice creamers Honey's and their friends at Lox + Schmear collaborated together to make 50 limited edition pints of sour cream & latke ice cream - a cultured sour cream base with fried bits of onion and potato latkes.

Lox + Schmear provided the vegan latkes while Honey's created the tangy, dairy- and egg-free sour cream ice cream. (The frozen dessert uses cashew cream as its base.)

Taking it one step further, Honey's suggests purchasing some latkes from Lox + Schmear to make a potato pancake ice cream sandwich.

Whatever your opinion on the flavour, Toronto went absolutely meshuggah for the $13 frozen treats and bought out these 50 pints in 60 seconds flat.

Of course, the losers who missed out are now envious of those with the Hanukkah-friendly desserts.

Honey's tells blogTO that they received a very mixed reaction to their newest flavour "some people loved it and some people thought it was too weird."

Sadly, the Honey's team only had the resources to make 50 pints, which means you'll have to wait until next year to secure your sweet-and-salty latke ice cream - if they even decide to collab again.

Honey's, who introduce flavours on a monthly basis still have some more Christmas-friendly flavours available like egg nog, candy cane & chocolate crackles and chocolate caramel pecan turtles.

Let us know if you're one of the lucky few who have tried the latke ice cream, or not, and what your thoughts are!

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Kris Pangilinan

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