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Here's how Toronto's most affordable restaurants feel about having to raise prices

Prices are rising in Toronto and Canada across the board, and one place we're especially noticing it is at restaurants... even some of the ones that are known for being the most affordable in the city.

A lively Reddit thread was started up this week discussing the rising cost of bowls of pho, typically a go-to for a filling and reasonably priced meal.

"The Vietnamese restaurant menus are the only real index you need to check to know what’s going on with inflation," the original post reads.

One of Toronto's essential affordable restaurants known for filling people up for less, Somun Superstar, says they fear they'll have to raise prices within a month even though they don't want to.

As of this moment, the cheapest items on their menu is their signature somun flatbread with various spreads which starts at $3.75.

"We're already anxious about it because we know it's inevitable, as it's impossible to continue without raising our prices," Alen Zukanovic of Somun Superstar tells blogTO "A box of takeout containers that was $39.99 last year is $88.99 now."

To avoid raising prices, they're currently reducing the number of items they sell and the types of packaging they use. This helps keep a minimal amount of inventory while keeping order sizes as low as possible. They're also keeping a closer eye on labour costs more than before.

"These are not going to be enough though. We'll have to raise our prices before the end of the year, for sure. For us, beef and dairy prices are the most problematic, so all of our menu items with these ingredients will see the highest increases," says Zukanovic.

"I doubt that there is a single establishment in this city that's raising prices to increase their profits. For us, it's going to be the case of barely catching up with the rocketing operating costs."

Over at well-priced Momo House (Tibetan dumplings being another food you can still typically fill up on without breaking the bank), prices have already gone up by 50 cents back on October 5.

"We were able to keep the price the same as we opened back in October of 2019. However, due to the rising costs of everything, like ingredients and take-out containers, we at The Momo House have been forced to raise the prices of our menu," Momo House owner Garab Lama tells blogTO.

"We know the situation isn't great for others as well so we've done our best to only raise the prices of our items by 50 cents."

We all know that every little bit hurts when it comes to inflation, whether it's the customer or the restaurant, no matter how affordable we're used to it being.

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Fareen Karim at The Momo House

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