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Toronto full-time early childhood educator starts up Pokemon-themed side hustle

A full-time early childhood educator in Toronto isn't stopping at her day job when it comes to helping people: she's started up a side hustle to help our her family financially as well.

25-year-old Caitlyn Abad is behind I Chews You, a Pokemon-themed cookie project she started up about a month ago and already has big plans for.

"My boyfriend plays Pokemon Go and he got me into playing," Abad tells blogTO. "When I was making the logo for my business, I knew I wanted to have a character so I added the face of a Pokemon which happened to be Pikachu."

She also happens to love Pikachu's yellow colour, and she loves giving gifts and food to others just as much. For the business, she decided to unite those two passions.

"I think genuinely I just love making people happy since I never expected anything in return," says Abad. "Other than that, I wanted to have another source of income because my family struggles financially and I want to help out as much as I can."

She works over 40 hours a week from Monday to Friday, shifts typically running from 7:30 a.m to 5 p.m. or 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

"Between those hours I’m constantly active on my social media for my business. Whether I am posting or updating a story and creating new content, answering messages and interacting with others," says Abad.

"Once my shift is done, on my off days, I'm always brainstorming for different flavours and recipe testing here and there. On my days off and weekends are where I make orders early in the day so they can be ready for pickup."

She tested her recipes on friends and coworkers for months before launching I Chews You. Now that her cookies are available to order the business is picking up steam.

So far, Pokemon-themed cookies include the Snorlax, a Biscoff cheesecake stuffed cookie, and the Pichu which is an Oreo cookie with white chocolate glaze and is Abad's personal favourite.

"The Salted Cait salted caramel cookie and Cinnabon Bon cookie are the most popular," says Abad.

Another bonus detail: the Cinnabon Bon cookie also has cream cheese frosting. But for out of the box flavours, she has another cookie on the menu called Mr. Miso that's a brown butter miso chocolate chip cookie.

"It is hard to find time to bake cookies but I’ll stay up or wake up earlier if needed, whether it is to prep the batters, toppings or frostings," says Abad.

"My future plans for the business would be to grow into a bigger name or even into a physical shop and create new flavours. For now, I am planning to save up for a car so I can deliver orders, and just be able to do the things I haven't been able to do before such as travelling."

Cookies start at $15 for a half dozen of the Salted Cait variety, and you can order by choosing a date and time for pickup (Sundays are the best day given Abad's busy schedule) and paying by e-transfer or cash upon arrival.

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