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Toronto sandwich joint famous for its grilled cheese has permanently closed

Toronto loves grilled cheese sandwiches, but now a destination that's famous for them has permanently closed.

Millwood Melt has been known for their gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches for 11 years, but now they're taking their Leaside space in a completely different direction.

The sandwich joint posted an announcement on their social media on October 6 letting people know they had already closed, saying "CIAO FOR NOW, MELTERS."

"We've been talking about it the past few years, and despite the fact that we are busier than ever, we've been conflicted for a while about whether we should hire and expand to meet demand or instead pursue a dream that's been in Steve's heart for decades: to continue building his spiritual teaching career," reads the post.

"We've decided to lay down our spatulas in favour of meditation mats and embrace a more serene next stage of life that moves at our pace."

They're planning on reopening the Millwood Melt space at 902 Millwood Rd. as a spiritual centre in the spring, which is supposed to be "a welcoming space devoted to cultivating the higher self."

"I was a spiritual teacher long before being a shop owner. Having a friendly little cafe offering real food made with love was just something we always wanted to do, but the shop became so busy that we had to decide to either expand or return to my roots," Stephen D'Amico of Millwood Melt tells blogTO.

"So, we're opening a spiritual center here in spring, where I'll continue teaching and guiding others on the spiritual path."

Millwood Melt had their last pop-up from September 23 to 25.

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