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People desperately want the McRib to return to McDonald's in Canada

Everyone's favourite sandwich of questionable origin is back again, but Canadians looking to get their McRib fix will have to travel south of the border for a taste of that sweet, barbecue-ey definitely-not-made-out-of-actual-ribs fast-food item.

McDonald's — or at least the burger giant's American franchises — has rolled out the McRib for what it claims to be the final farewell tour for the barbecue-flavoured meat sandwich, meaning that the McRib could soon disappear from fast food menus forever.

As of October 25, the McRib returned in the states, though after several previous years when the McRib was supposedly headed to retirement only to re-emerge, this is likely more like one of those "he'll definitely be back" Elton John farewell tours.

And Canadians want a piece of the BBQ sauce-drenched action one last time.

In fact, someone has even gone so far as to create a petition, asking for the public's help in convincing a global empire valued at $187.28 billion to bring their periodically-available sandwich back to Canada for a victory lap.

The petition titled "Bring The McRib Back To McDonald's Canada!" has actually been around for a few years, resurfacing every time the franchise's U.S. locations bring back the sandwich and Canada gets left hanging.

Created by Mason Carr, the petition has garnered roughly 3,000 signatures from McRib-hungry fast-food patrons, though based on McDonald's Canada's previous product let-downs, McRib lovers should probably prepare themselves for disappointment.

The last time these little 520-calorie sandwiches offered Canadians the chance to pack in 28 grams of fat and 46 grams of carb in a few bites was in 2015, a time when Stephen Harper was Prime Minister and TikTok was just a Kesha song.

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