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Toronto bar famous for its Caesars shut down by landlord

A neighbourhood mainstay where people have been meeting over coffee and beer has unfortunately closed down permanently.

Dundas and Carlaw has been serving their community from day to night for years, but now the landlord has forced them to pack up their belongings immediately.

The space named for the intersection where it was located was known for Caesars and a great patio, which they valiantly covered, heated and even equipped with an outdoor kitchen when distancing restrictions made use of their small indoor space difficult.

They continued to roll with the punches during tumultuous recent times when the "Dundas" in their name came under fire due to being directly named after a man who worked to delay the abolition of slavery, speaking out to say they wished they could rename their space (though it wasn't in the budget due to hard times).

Notices posted on the front door at Dundas and Carlaw indicates the landlord has terminated their lease. 

A notice of lease violation says the bar violated engaged in construction without appropriate permits, violated by-laws related to unauthorized alterations of the premises, failed to maintain the premises, blocked sidewalks, cooked for commercial purposes on the premises and didn't notify the landlord of potential violations and fines or plumbing damage.

A representative from Dundas and Carlaw tells blogTO that their landlord has threatened to charge them for cleaning and get rid of their equipment if they did not get all belongings packed immediately.

At the very least, the rep says kitchen equipment is being transferred to a storage unit.

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