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Here's just how hard is it to get a reservation now at Michelin-starred Toronto restaurants

When just one Toronto restaurant was awarded two Michelin stars this week, their website immediately crashed due to the crush of people trying to make reservations.

The good news is, not every single restaurant that Michelin recommended is impossible to get into. The bad news is, there are a couple that are definitely impossible right now.

Sushi Maisaki Saito is the two-star restaurant whose website crashed. Other star holders who also have no future availability for reservations online right now include Yukashi, Frilu, Osteria Giulia, and Edulis.

Yukashi tells blogTO that the earliest availability for a table at their Japanese restaurant in Mount Pleasant is in December, and Italian restaurant Osteria Giulia has no future availability through OpenTable.

Things are a bit different at Frilu and Edulis, where complex tasting menus reign and the restaurant atmosphere is carefully curated.

Reservations open up in a rolling 30-day window at Frilu, with resos for a month from now going live at 11 a.m. each day. That said, they're still booked solid when looking up their availability on Tock, so you'd likely have to check each morning and be ready to pounce. 

Note: Their thoughtful tasting menus cost $150 per person, and there's also a $25 deposit per person.

Edulis is booked up until the end of September and also releases new availability on a regular basis, but those reservations are snapped up quickly. This isn't as new for the seafood restaurant, as they've always done things a little differently.

"Our restaurant is extremely small, and bookings are very limited in general, due to our small size, and also due to the fact that we allow our guests to enjoy their table for the whole evening (we do only one seating) so they can really relax and enjoy conversation and wine and feasting with total abandon," says an Edulis rep.

74 restaurants total were recommended by Michelin in Toronto and 13 got stars, so that leaves a whole bunch of other restaurants to look into for a reservation: it might not happen right away, but you can probably book before the holidays.

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Fareen Karim at Osteria Giulia

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