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Popeyes restaurant in cursed Toronto location locked out by landlord

A Toronto location with high turnover has just lost its most recent tenant: Popeyes.

Lots of new things often pop up at the Liberty Market Building in Liberty Village, but it seems some things have trouble staying.

A notice of distress has been posted in the window of the Popeyes at 165 East Liberty.

popeyes toronto

A notice of distress was posted in the window of the Popeyes at the Liberty Market Building. Photo by Amy Carlberg.

Though the notice does say the tenant can contact the landlord for more information, it also warns that the locks have been changed for the protection of goods and chattels within and the landlord's right of distress.

Dated September 9, the notice says that if rent is not paid within five days then goods will be appraised and sold to make up for the unpaid rent.

As for how much rent is owed, the notice lists a number of $107,826.08 plus costs.

popeyes toronto

A notice of distress was also posted on the door of Pita Land. Photo by Amy Carlberg.

It seems the Pita Land that was below the Popeyes has also been closed for the same reason, a similar noticed posted on their door.

Someone posted photos of the notice to Facebook, and locals were quick to chime in as far as theories about why the restaurant had closed.

People complained about the location, citing slow service and faulty patio furniture. Some others said no business would ever make it in that location as they have a hunch the rent is way too high for anyone.

Others just listed the many places that have come and gone in the same area recently.

For those who are wondering where they're going to get fried chicken in the area now, The Islands recently opened up just steps away.

Lead photo by

Amy Carlberg

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