ketchup ice cream

People not sure how they feel about spending $12 for ketchup ice cream at the CNE

One of the biggest food items people have been anticipating now that the CNE is back in 2022 is ketchup ice cream.

It costs $12 and you'll likely have to wait in a massive line to try it, and some are saying it's not worth it.

It's not exactly like ketchup ice cream sounds like it tastes good, but obviously part of the concept of a novelty item is to see whether it actually tastes good or not.

The verdict is in for some people, and they're saying it's not great.

One person said they could only get halfway through the ketchup ice cream before tossing their cookies.

Even people who haven't tried it are wondering why there are such long lineups for something that sounds kinda gross.

Someone said they didn't understand why the items they'd serve at the CNE after being on hiatus for years were "some of the nastiest foods."

People are saying the hype alone is likely mostly responsible for the long lines, which is probably true.

One person said they would try items like the ketchup ice cream and mac n' cheese lemonade, but only for $1 million.

Someone out there did manage to finish it, but definitely didn't recommend it.

When it comes other soft serve options one person said they liked the ube ice cream (obviously), but also found the mustard ice cream to be pretty good "if you like mustard."

Either way, if you're planning on trying some of the zany items at the CNE this year like ketchup ice cream, you might want to bring a few breath mints along.

Now that some reviews are in, only you can decide if you want to take the risk of trying the CNE's ketchup ice cream.

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